My TBR List

This year these are the top books on my list to read (I have many others, but these are the top ten!)

  1. Of Weft and Weave by Clive S. Johnson. I loved Leiyatel’s Embrace and look forward to continuing my journey through the fantastic world of Dica. With a poet’s eye, Mr. Johnson has created a unique type of fantasy that echoes of Tolkien, yet more than speaks for itself.
  1. The Equinox: An Urban Paranormal Fantasy by K.K. Allen. I really enjoyed The Summer Solstice, the first book in this fine series. The writing is crisp, characters well drawn, and it’s a plain fun read.
  1. Tesser by Chris Philbrook. There’s a dragon in Boston. I like dragons and grew up just north of Boston. What more can I say?
  1. The Lunatic (Poems) by Charles Simic. I always balance my reading with a collection of poems because they remind me the value of a single word or phrase. And Simic’s bizarre world feeds my imagination.
  1. A Wizard of Dreams by Robin Chambers. Mr. Chambers’ book is actually my current read, and I’m enjoying it very much. Entertaining, wonderfully imaginative, and erudite at the same time.

Finally the idea to keep a TBR list was initiated because I was invited to join the Good Tales Read-A-Thon Facebook Event by L. A. Starkey. I like the idea so much I’m going to keep this posted and updated. Thanks Laurie!

image003Organized by Good Tales Book Tours

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