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It’s a Mystery

Facebook Party

June 25th 9:00 am ~ 9:00 pm CST


An Author takeover event with 12 authors, lots of giveaways and me!



My Blog Tour with Loving the Book

June 20-26 2016



Sorry this event is over.

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Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event.


Sorry this event is over. Check back for more fun events.


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$75 Amazon Gift card

Echoes of Winter Anthology

~ .99 Black Friday special ~

limited time offer!


Join me and 12 other writers for a chance to win a $75 Gift Card and the giveaway of our new anthology holding thirteen wintery stories ~ all new, all written just for this anthology.


My Story ~ The Darkest Night of the Year ~



He wanted to be the magic; she dared to try.


 ~Here’s the buy link ~


Want more sneak peeks? Here’s the line up 🙂

Twelve Days to Christmas by L.A. Starkey


Jessie Young hates the holidays.It’s simple, you see.

Too many holly jolly people,

gathered ‘round the Christmas tree.

But the snow starts to fall,

and the joy seems like fun.

Only twelve days until Christmas,

She can’t wait till it’s done!

Christmas Seasoning by DB Nielsen


Winter weddings are meant to be magical but when her brother’s fiancée turns into Bridezilla, seventeen-year-old Ellie Henderson can’t wait to escape from dress fittings, wedding plans and rehearsal dinners. It’s anything but happy holidays until she meets the sexy, tempting Simon whose sweet kisses threaten to spice things up this Christmas season . . .

Merry Chris Witch by CK Dawn


Magic is real and dreams do come true. Be careful what you Witch for. Chris Heron is a witch who loathes the holiday season. What’s even worse is getting expelled from private coven school on Halloween and having to attend public magic school, where Santa’s son is visiting and has all the girls in a frenzy. Fairies, mermaids, elves, even the trolls are swooning over Kris Kringle Jr. All except for one girl, and she’s a North Pole mystery that has Chris intrigued. Will he be able to put his prejudices aside in time to see the true magic all around him?

Wrapped in the Past by Chess Desalls


In the worlds of the Everywhere and Everywhen, all times and places are connected and there’s more than one way to travel. “Wrapped in the Past” follows Shirlyn Hall from 1930s England to ancient Persia. The Halls travel through time using a vehicle licensed by the Time and Space Travel Agency. After a mishap threatens to send their ride home without them, the youngest of the magi exhibits a hidden talent that leaves an impression on his elders and on Shirlyn’s heart.

Butterflies in the Snow by D.E.L. Conner


Rose isn’t interested in any high school romance, her only desire is to see her Mom and little sister for Christmas, and she will do anything to get to them. But when she steals Josh’s prized vintage Mustang car. he embarks on a mission to discover her carefully guarded secret and hopefully win her heart.

Cold Hearth by Kelly Hall


Dahlia Dane is back with a vengeance, and wants nothing more than to make her brother miserable for his recent betrayal. But when Dominic is captured, and his fate is in the balance, will Dahlia give up what she wants to save him, or will sibling rivalry survive Christmas?

Code X by W.J. May


Seventeen year old Whitney is a child of untapped potential whose only outlet into the world is through her computer and the cybernetic wilderness that she has limited access to. Better than mosthackers, Whitney engages in cyber–vigilantism, but also knows that she‘s more than a little drawn touncovering secrets. Eventually she‘s going to get caught, but how many dark and mysterious places can she find before she does?

Good Saint Nick by Lu J Whitley


Trying his best to live by the rules at the strict Kringle & Sons Workshop, Nicklaus dreams about what life is like in the outside world. One stormy winter’s night, Edie steals her way into his life andhis heart, and shows him what it can be like to throw away the rules and have some fun. Together,they set off on a wild sleigh ride that will go down in history as the night a legend is born.

Soaring by K.K. Allen


On an Alaskan cruise in the dead of winter, Emma and Luke find each other under the aurora borealis, a phenomenon that bonds them in the most unlikely of ways. While Luke teaches Emma what it means to soar, she gives him a reason to stay grounded, but as their journey nears its end memories of a forgotten past surfaces, challenging their future—if a future for them still exists.

A Spirit’s Last Gift by Kathy-Lynn Cross


All Juslynn wants is to attend the Snow Flurry Dance, with her secret love, Carter and possibly receive her first kiss for Christmas. Unfortunately, it never came to pass and now she waits for his kiss from the grave.

Winter Trials by K.S. Marsden


With Midwinter just around the corner, Mark‘s Nanna decides that it is time he learnt more about his family heritage. Learning witchcraft shouldn‘t be too difficult, right?  Balancing school, magic, and the distractions of the gorgeous new guy, should make this a very interesting winter.

The Edge by Fleur Camacho


Laura only wants one thing for Christmas, and it’s the deepest darkest secret of her heart. When a mysterious man emerges from a fire in her backyard, can he be the key to unlocking the secret she guards so close?


Again, here’s the buy link!







Virtual Literary World Tour

On July 1st Terri Giulianno Long began her Virtual World Trip. Every day for the entire month she is taking us to different locations around the world and highlighting a specific location in an author’s book including a short quote that relates to that spot. Mine is scheduled for week 3 in July on the 13th. She is even sponsoring a giveaway, so be sure to visit her site every day for a new location from all over the world and beyond!

I am scheduled for:

Week Three on July 13th

  • Elizabeth Horton-Newton, View From the Sixth Floor – The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Tim Hemlin, The Wastelanders – The Houston Medical Center, 6400 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas, USA

Visit Terri Giuliano Long’s site for a maps, author names, the places and all the details:

(There’s even a $25.00 Amazon card giveaway so be sure to visit this link!)

The Tour Schedule ~ LINK


Endless Possibilities

Read-A-ThonI joined Good Tales for their first semi-annual Good Tales Read-a-thon June 5th on Facebook. The theme for this one was “Endless Possibilities!” It was a lot of fun. Some great authors stopped by each day to shower us with books to slap on our TBR lists and there were many random giveaways for answering random questions. Some of the questions were specific to the book you’re currently reading, while others were get-to-know-you questions.

The theme Endless Possibilities was well-named. I think I was one of a handful of men in a sea of beautiful romance writers (mostly women.) Les Lynam and I were definitely outnumbered and almost jumped ship when they wanted us to take off our shirts! But I made many new friends and gave away two copies of The Wastelanders and even more copies of Black Silence.

I also have a TBR (To Be Read) list of my own if you’d like to check it out here and I plan on adding to it as I read and discover new books.


Organized by Good Tales Book Tours


The 2015 Author Cyber Convention!

OOPS! You missed it ~ April 10 – 12th on Goodreads.

But never fear. Next year we’re all gathering again to present the 2016 Book Cyber Convention.

For those of you interested in finding out what you missed, here are some links and other information that may entice you to join us next year.


On April 10th , 11th and 12th, 2015 midnight to midnight, I participated in the GoodReads 2015 Cyber Convention  for authors.

We had giveaways, games, scavenger hunts, trivia, interviews, and it was great fun! My booth in the FAIR GROUNDS Dystopian/Science Fiction ~ The Wastelanders  was quite busy.

These were my GIVEAWAY ITEMS:

Three signed paperback copies of  The Wastelanders and a beaded book mark and matching keychains to each lucky winner. (Offer limited to the contiguious US for the paperback. Those winners outside of the US received a Kindle or Nook copy.) I also gave away 15 kindle copies of my short story Black Silence, a Wastelanders short story.

We also had ~


DarkBlueHop2We are, after all storytellers, so join us as we hop from blog to blog telling a new and memorable story with each stop. So please join us for:

The Story Hop

To see my booth in THE FAIR GROUNDS: Dystopian/Science Fiction ~ The Wastelanders.

Click here to peruse some of the other booths at the  20015 GoodReads 2015 Cyber Convention FAIRGROUNDS

All winners were chosen randomly using a random number generator.

The Wastelanders is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes. My Wastelander short story, Black Silence, is available on Amazon Kindle KDP.  Check out my Facebook page. I will be posting updates there and on Twitter as well. Join the fun and don’t forget to mark one of my books as a “To read!”

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