A living series talk:- Author: Tim Hemlin

Last month I was interviewed by Kaur Inderjit. It was so well done and well received, I’d like to repost it here.

A living series talk - Know your Stars

It’s a special treat to get to know yet another success stories today here on A living series talk..Today we are fortunate to know more about our guest who is a Writer, Marathoner, Teacher, Councelor. 
His passion for the environment sparked him to write.
He is represented by Kimberley Cameron of Kimberley Cameron & Associates Literary Agency.
In addition to The Wastelanders Series, he also published the Neil Marshall series of culinary mysteries set in Houston, Texas. These include If Wishes Were Horses, A Whisper of Rage (nominated for a Shamus Award), People in Glass Houses, A Catered Christmas (the one he most enjoyed writing), and Dead Man’s Broth. He has also has various short works of fiction, most prominently published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.
It’s time to talk to  one of the most talented and successful author of the time -Tim Hemlin.
Hi Tim, thank you for agreeing…

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