The World Book Blog Tour

The World Book Blog Tour is an invitation to share not only an author’s work but also the work of other authors/writers. Then the idea is to pass it on in hopes of authors reaching authors and readers across the globe. Thanks to all of you who jumped on board to participate in the fun.

Thanks to J.V. Carr, author of Username: Bladen and Patty Cakes and the Stolen Ball, both published through Westbow Press, for adding me to the tour. Ms. Carr, who has a degree in psychology, has six children and hosts four exchange students from whom to draw inspiration for her work. As she says herself, she feels “inspired to share the beauty of life and the importance of education and entertainment through children’s books.” More about J.V. Carr can be found at

These are the question posed by the World Book Blog Tour:

What am I working on?

Right now I’m in the planning stages for a sequel to my dystopian-clifi The Wastelanders, published by Reputation Books and available at Amazon. I actually picture two more books. As with most second acts, the next novel will be darker and place the main characters in peril before giving way to hope and redemption in the third book. Along the same lines, I am preparing to send out a related short story that introduces a new character to The Wastelanders.

I’m also writing a young adult urban fantasy. When I was in my twenties, I worked for a high-end caterer in Houston, Texas. The whole time I was there we had a kitchen witch hanging from one of the air vents as a sign of good luck. I’d always wanted to write a story about a kitchen witch but could never make it work. Then last winter a librarian friend of mine suggested I try writing a young adult novel. For some reason the image of the kitchen witch returned and an idea took hold. It was further enhanced when I ran a 30K with my seventeen-year-old son, who ran alongside a young lady friend of his all pinked-out in her running gear, and I realized I had my two main characters. The novel is titled Son of a Kitchen Witch. I recently finished the first draft, which was pure fun to write. Now comes the hard part—the editing and revision.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The Wastelanders came about because of my concern for the environment. That doesn’t necessarily make me exclusive in this genre as most people who write clifi are trying to bring attention to climate change. Yet in my novel I also deal with power, political corruption and mass movements and cite often from that unique American blue-collar philosopher Eric Hoffer. I like stories that mine for feelings and explore complex themes. There’s nothing like being immersed in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina or Henry James’s The Wings of the Dove. Of course I also enjoy lighter reads. The young adult novel I’m now working on is less complicated than The Wastelanders in that it’s more direct. It’s a love story and a coming of age story that focuses on good versus evil, and I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with those characters.

Why do I write what I do?

Life interests me. I enjoy learning new things and doing new things. I have a hard time sitting still, which might sound funny coming from a writer, but I consider writing a bit of a contact sport anyway because it challenges the mind. Besides writing, I am a runner, having completed a number of marathons, half-marathons, 25 and 30Ks. As I said, I’m also passionate about the environment and often blog about it. I trail run, fly-fish, and simply enjoy being outdoors. Because of this I feel it’s my duty, in the words of Dr. Jonas Salk, to be a good ancestor so future generations can also enjoy nature.

How does my writing process work?

For me, every day is an idea for a story and every person and everything within that day contains the seed of a story. Sometimes it’s in the big picture, such as climate change and drought, but often it’s in relationships. My characters inspire me. I know a story is working when they spring from the page and have a life of their own. For instance, the two main characters in the young adult urban fantasy I’m now working on seemingly stepped out of thin air and invited themselves into my life. It was as if they sat down in my study and said, “Here we are, Tim. Now what are you going to do with us?” The same happened with The Wastelanders. I knew the characters needed to be well-rounded, in that the antagonists couldn’t simply be cardboard representations of evil and the protagonists needed to have their flaws, but I didn’t expect to like the antagonists as much as I did, particularly the president’s manipulating, power-hungry wife. On the flipside, I couldn’t wait to write about each of the protagonist’s story line. Strangely, though, it wasn’t Joey, Bernie or the Bear but the young Time Witch who kicked the novel into another gear and raised it beyond what I had originally imagined.

Next stop on the World Book Blog Tour?

K.K. Allen is the author of The Summer Solstice Series. Her first novel, Summer Solstice: Enchanted is a wonderful coming of age paranormal urban fantasy that takes place in Apollo Beach, Florida. As I teach adolescents, I read a fair share of young adult novels, and Ms. Allen’s ranks up there with the best of them. The next book in the series, The Equinox, is not coming soon enough! In addition to writing urban fantasy, Ms. Allen also works in the Media Industry as a copywriter for websites and a scriptwriter for video productions. You can find her at, on Facebook and on Twitter @KKAllen_Author.

Lynette Creswell is the author of The Magic Trilogy, which includes Sinners of Magic, Betrayers of Magic and Defenders of Magic. The popular and gifted Ms. Creswell has created a fabulously rich world filled with intrigue, mystery and, of course, plenty of magic. She has also penned the light-hearted romance The Witching Hour. As she herself says, “For me, writing is like breathing fresh air, I cannot live without it and I hope my passion shows in my work.” Indeed, it does as demonstrated by the accolades Ms. Creswell has accumulated. Find her at, on Facebook and on Twitter @creswelllyn.

Chess Desalls is the author of the series Travel Glasses, the first book of which is The Call to Search Everywhen, now available on audio book, too. This delightful young adult time travel series will leave you wanting more. In fact I found her twist on time travel intriguing, her characters interesting and the plot tightly written. Toss in some mystery, romance, and a whole lot of adventure and you have a fun read. In addition to being a longtime reader of fantasy and sci-fi novels, the talented Ms. Desalls is also a flutist and recordings of her work can be heard on her website  Find her on Facebook and on Twitter as well @ChessDesalls.

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